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In-Home and Virtual

Program Details

In-Home Training: Our dog trainer will meet you at your home to discuss any struggles your dog is facing, and how to enrich their lives. Our trainer will show you and your family what to do and how to do it! Whether it's behavioral issues, basic obedience, or anything in between, our trainer is here to help!

Virtual Training: Is your dog fearful of new people? Are you out of our service area but would like to work with us? Virtual training is a great option! Our trainer will consult with you via Zoom and cover the same topics as In-Home Training. It's all the training without the stress of directly interacting with that new scary person. All you need is a phone, tablet, or computer with a video camera, and an internet connection to get started!

  • Puppy Training

  • Socialization 

  • Basic Life Skills

  • Post Adoption Counseling 

  • Aggression Concerns

  • Reactivity 

  • Guest Manners

  • Loose-Leash Walking

  • Better Relationship with you

  • And more!


Single 90 Minute Consultation- $150

2 Lesson Program- $255

3 Lesson Program- $360

4 Lesson Program- $465

5 Lesson Program- $570

6 Lesson Program- $675

7 Lesson Program- $780

8 Lesson Program- $890

9 Lesson Program- $995

10 Lesson Program- $1,050

Additional Follow Ups- $115 per 60 minute lesson

Payment plans are available!

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