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Jump Start

Day train is a highly customizable program to help set you and your dog up for success! Training may seem overwhelming at first, but our certfied trainer is here to help. Petology's Jumpstart program gives your dog more time with a quality trainer and gives them more practice sessions. Each session is 60 minutes long, 45 minutes of training and a 15 minute enrichment activity. 

Jumpstart is designed to let you sit back, relax, and take a puppy break while our trainer does the work for you. Each program comes with a 60 minute transfer session at the end of program.

Benefits of Jump Start


Flexible Schedules,

With our Jumpstart Program, once your dog is comfortable with your trainer, we can still work with your dog even if you’re at the office! Maybe you’d like training to occur while you’re at work, or running some errands, or even just taking a puppy break.  With Jumpstart, you don’t have to be present for the session.


Kick Start Learning

Perfect for any puppy or adult dog that needs a little extra support.  We do the work and focus on providing your dog with more practice so they can develop a strong foundation. Take the stress off of finding time to practice, let us help set your pup up for success.


Video Updates

 Each week you will get videos of your pup's training progress, homework to practice on your own, and written notes.  Our certified trainers are passionate about helping you and your dog achieve your training goals, text and email support is always available to you. We encourge you to share training videos of your own!


What can Jumpstart help with?

Jump start gives your dog more time with a qualified trainer! Our signature program can help you with reactivity, resource guarding, life skills, all things puppy, guests coming into the home, cooperative care and more! An initial consult is required prior to starting any package. Jumpstart is great for the busy family who wants to help their dog thrive, but there’s so many things to do in the day and not enough time, or would just prefer a professional to work with their dog. 


Jumpstart is a highly customizable program, pick how many sessions per week you'd like, and for how many weeks! Unsure what program would be best for you pup? Call today to discuss programs with your trainer.


1 session per week

2-Week Program - $180

4- Week Program -$360

6-Week Program - $540


2 session per week

2-Week Program-$365

4-Week Program- $715

6-Week Program- $1,020


3 sessions per week

2- Week Program- $530

4-Week Program-$1,000

6-Week Program-$1,550

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