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Training Walks


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Does your dog struggle on leash? Do they pull, or bark and lunge at other people and dogs? Or do you have a busy week and not enough time to walk your pup? No worries, we're here to help! Let our certified dog trainer take your dog on a walk for you. They'll work on helping your fuzzy friend feel better about being on leash, or seeing those once scary things like dogs and people. Every walk, you get to decide on where your dog goes, between a training walk through the neighborhood, or a decompression walk on a nature trail where they get to relax and be a dog. Notes will be provided via text message or email after every walk.


All walks are 45 minutes from pick up

1 Walk- $60

2 Walks $115

3 Walks- $170

4 Walks- $225

5 Walks- $280

6 Walks- $335

7 Walks- $390

8 Walks- $440

Payment plans available!

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