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Dog Training

Thank you for your interest in dog training! Our certified dog trainer offers three different training options to help set you and your best friend up for success. Not sure what program best suits you? Contact us for more info and help picking the program to set you off on the right paw. 


Board and Train

Petology is now offering Board and Train programs. This all inclusive program provides daily personalized training, video updates, and the freedom to run around in a 3/4 of an acre fully fenced back yard. This program is perfect for the busy pet parent or someone wanting to jumpstart their pup's learning! 


In-Home and Virtual 

Do you want to set your dog up for success? Did you bring home a new friend, or have a current one that is struggling with behavioral issues? Let us help! Our lessons are private and personalized, so we can address your questions and concerns. Out of our service range? Try virtual! 



Jump-Start is perfect for puppies, dogs with busy parents, and for people who want to provide a consistent routine for their dog! Sit back and relax while we train with your pup up to 3 times a week! Jump-Start is a highly customizable program, personalized to help you and your pup succeed.

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