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Day Training

Program Details


Day training is a great option for the busy pet parent or someone who wants to kickstart the learning process! There's only so many hours in the day, so let us take some pressure off.

 We will come to your home and train your dog while you get other things done, we've got it covered! Every session is 60 minutes long, with an enrichment activity before or after each session. 

Every package comes with a 30 minutes consult to discuss training goals and a 45 minute recap session at the end of the program. We provide videos and notes of every training session, so you can easily follow along! 

This program is highly customizable, you decide how often and for how long we work with your dog! Not sure what's best? Contact us to discuss the best options!

1 Session Per Week

2-Week Program - $180

4- Week Program -$360

6-Week Program - $540

2 Sessions Per Week

2-Week Program-$365

4-Week Program- $715

6-Week Program- $1,020

3 Sessions Per Week

2- Week Program- $530

4-Week Program-$1,000

6-Week Program-$1,550

Payment plans available!

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