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Are you going on vacation and need someone to take care of your dogs while you're away? We've got you covered! Our pet sitter is multi-certified in Dog training, and has experience administering oral, topical and injectable medications. Our pet sitter will come out to your home prior to your trip so they can meet your pets and discuss how to best care for them, or you can come to theirs to see the set up for boarding! 

Our boarding accommodations include supervised play time, cuddle time, walks, optional training, personalized care, and 3/4 of an acre fully fenced yard to run around in! During warm weather, a dog pool that is dumped daily is provided outside. For safety, your dog(s) will never come in contact with animals they have not met before. Not sure if your dog will be comfortable with boarding? Consider a trial night away while you prepare for your trip! Not all dogs enjoy boarding, we highly encourage that your dog is comfortable being crated at night and for short periods during the day to enroll in boarding. 


$75 Per calendar date for 1 dog, $50 per additional dog

   We currently do not have the capacity to board cats.

Would you like your pups to be enrolled in training while you're away? For an additional cost, we can train your pups 3 times a day! Inquire below for more details.


Payment plans are available!

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