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Petology was founded on the love of cats and dogs, science, and creating happy homes for pets. We are here to help you work through welcoming a new pet into the home, teaching fun new games, behavioral challenges, and everything in between! Going on a vacation and need someone to take care of your furry friends while you're away? We're here for you too!


The Science...

At Petology, we utilize 100% Positive Reinforcement Training, also

known as Reward based or force free. Reward based training is all about building a better relationship with your pets to create behavior change. Science has shown us that dogs learn best through this method of training, because we’re telling them what we like to see rather than waiting for them to fail. This helps to give better communication, change emotional state,  make training fun, and give our pets the skills they need to succeed.

"Lasting progress can only happen once we give up the urge to repeatedly say 'No' to mistakes in favor of looking to say 'Yes' to their successful behaviors." - Grey Stafford, PhD

Your pets health and safety is our priority. We will never use, suggest or condone the use of shock/choke/prong collars, declawing, or harsh corrections of any kind.


Who we are... 

Petology Training is owned and operated by our trainer and pet sitter, Lauren Harbart. Lauren has worked with animals since 2017 and continues to grow her passion and knowledge every day. Lauren Harbart is certified in cat training through Animal Behavior College, Fear Free Shelter Certified and Fear Fear Trainer through Fear Free Pets. She has been training dogs in shelters since 2018, has her CPDT-KA through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers and additional certifications through 

Animal Behavior Insitute.  

Our Services

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Dog Training

Our certified dog trainer offers three different training options to help set you and your best friend up for success. Not sure what program best suits you? Contact us for more info and help picking the program to set you off on the right paw. 


Pet Sitting

If you're planning a trip out of town, our pet sitters offer three different options to help care for your pets while you're away. Choose from in-home pet sitting, drop in visits, or boarding. We can help you decide what would be the best fit for your pets comfort and your needs.


Cat Training

Did you know that cats can benefit from training too? If you're at wits end with behavioral struggles or want to better understand your companion, click below to learn how our certified cat trainer can help!

Our Clients Say

Petology has been an absolute joy to work with for our reactive, anxious pup. Their training and sitting services have always left us with peace of mind that our dog is in the hands of a kind, caring and professional person.

Patrick and Kiko


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